Appearance morphology is divided into liquid water agent and powder water agent contains 20%,40%(also known as mother liquor),50%, powder contains 98% solid, according to water reducing agent water reducing and enhancing ability, is divided into ordinary water reducing agent (also known as plasticizer, water reducing rate is not less than 8%, represented by lignosulfonates [2]) High efficiency water reducer (also known as superplasticizer, water reduction rate not less than 14%, including naphthalene series melamine series amino sulfonate series aliphatic series, etc. [2]) and high performance water reducer (water reduction rate not less than 25%, represented by polycarboxylic acid series water reducer [2]), and are respectively divided into early strength type standard type and retarder type According to the composition of materials, it can be divided into :( 1) lignosulfonates; (2) polycyclic aromatic salts; (3) water-soluble resin sulfonic acid naphthalene system superplasticizer, aliphatic superplasticizer, amino superplasticizer, poly carboxylic acid superplasticizer, etc According to the chemical composition is usually divided into: lignin sulfonic acid salt water reducing agent, naphthalene series high efficient water reducing agent, melamine is high efficiency water reducing agent, amino sulfonic acid salt is a highly effective water reducing agent, fatty acid of high water reducing agent, poly (carboxylic acid salt is a highly effective water reducing agent [3]

lignosulfonate lignosulfonate is the by-product of sulfurous acid [4] The molecular weight of lignosulfonate is 2000-5000, and the sulfonate base is 1.25-2.5 Mcq /g. It is soluble in water solutions of various pH values and insoluble in organic solvents. Its functional group is phenolic hydroxyl group [5] Mustard seed gliadin of the three kinds of lignin monomer polymerization, including: lignin sulfonic acid calcium lignosulphonate sodium lignin sulfonic acid magnesium, lignin sulfonic acid salt water reducing agent is often the normal water reducing agent, belongs to the anionic surface active agent, can be used directly, also can be used as one of raw materials, compound admixture for cheap, use more widely Used in mortar, it can improve the construction fluidity, improve the strength, and reduce the water rate in 8%-10% [3]


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