Consolidate the internal strength and set sailing -- Shandong Gaoqiang successfully held the technical training meeting

SNF water reducing agent 

SNF(Naphthalene based) water reducing agent is commonly referred to β-Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde Condensate (short name: SNF, PNS, NSF, etc…). It is the largest and most widely used water reducing agent in China currently(≥ 70%). It is characterized by high water reducing rate (15% - 25%), no air entrainment, little influence on setting time, relatively good adaptability with cement, composite use with other additives and relatively low price. SNF is widely used to prepare high fluidity, high strength and high performance concrete. The slump loss of concrete with simple addition of SNF is faster. In addition, the adaptability of SNF to some cement needs to be improved.


The general manager Of the company, Zhu Menshou, together with the staff attending the meeting, warmly welcomed Dr. Gao. Zhu pointed out that under the outbreak of the epidemic, the big infrastructure model opened, the company ushered in a once-in-a-lifetime development opportunities, and opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. The company should actively explore business model innovation, and constantly innovate products and service models. Only by constantly learning, applying what they have learned, constantly creating competitive advantages, and building efficient teams, can the company remain invincible.


The meeting, Dr Gao made the poly carboxylic acid mother liquor and its functional material characteristics and distribution of control technique, technical training, explained the PCE of the mother liquor with the characteristics of distribution of material and compound with considerations, PCE and its functional components on the properties of concrete regulation, admixture in concrete applications often knowledge such as the problems and countermeasures, and combined with the actual engineering case of related technology has carried on the detailed explanation. At last, in the interactive part of the site, Dr. Gao answered the questions raised by the staff of the Marketing Department and the technical department one by one, providing effective ideas for the key and difficult problems encountered by the marketing and technical service staff in the project site.


Through this training, employees said that they have benefited a lot: the company's technical staff and sales staff have further mastered the characteristics of polycarboxylate mother liquor and its functional materials as well as the theoretical knowledge and operation skills of compounding control technology, and also provided theoretical support for the company in the application of additives technology and after-sales service.

"Seek the general trend, build a strong foundation and win the future". Great foundation brings favorable policies for enterprises, but the company can only remain invincible if it practices the internal skills of the team, continuously hones the products, improves the service level, and meets the needs of customers. There is no end to learning and struggle, but do good things, don't ask the future, the future of gao Qiang company can be expected!

Post time: Sep-21-2020