Shandong Gaoqiang donated money for education

“Thanks to General Manager Zhu, thanks to Shandong Gaoqiang, we will study hard after entering the university and repay the society..." ", "Thank Manager Zhu, thank the company for helping us with the lighting project of Jiujianpeng villages... , a sincere thank you can not stop hearing.


A donation ceremony was held at the Jiujianpeng Village Committee in Pingyi County on August 26. Mr Zhu Mengshou, general manager of Shandong Gaoqiang New Material Technology Co., LTD donated lighting facilities and materials to five poor students and Jiujianpeng in Pingyi County. More than 10 people attended the donation ceremony of two public welfare activities, including Zhang Guanlin, deputy secretary of the Communist Party committee of Pingyi County, Jiao Dale, secretary of the Party Committee of pingyi County, Ji Dayong, first secretary of Jiujianpeng, and Meng Ding, deputy secretary of Jiujianpeng.


At the scene of the donation, GM Zhu gave 4, 000 yuan to each of the five poor students who were about to enter the university. He communicated with the poor students, had a deep understanding of their study and life, Shared his growth experience with the students, and taught them to always be grateful for what they had learned and repay their hometown and society with practical actions.


At the same time, After learning the economic situation of Jiujianpeng Village from the conversation with Secretary Ji, Manager Zhu provided 10,000 yuan of financial support for the lighting facilities in the village. Jiujianpeng village director Liu Yuefeng thanked GM zhu for this love move, and issued a certificate of honor for Zhu, the city sent the first secretary of the secretary of the season awarded Zhu general love enterprise pennant.


At the end of the ceremony, General Manager Zhu said: Since its establishment nearly 10 years ago, Gao Qiang company has been adhering to the concept of "integrity, hard work". While achieving the economic development of the company, it attaches great importance to repay the society, actively supports the cause of caring for the next generation, and plans to actively do some public welfare activities every year in the future. At the same time, it also calls on more entrepreneurs and social caring personages to join in the public welfare activities


Shandong Gaoqiang will never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind, continue to participate in social public welfare undertakings, help more people in need of help, pass on the love, continue to write the big heart, contribute to the new chapter of the society!


Post time: Sep-21-2020