Why choose our polycarboxylate superplasticizers?

Polycarboxylate superplasticizers
the most wonderful water reducing admixture up to now
(compared with other superplasticizer)
1. To maintain slump perfectly within 1-3 hours
2. Low dosage, and so to save cost in comparison with other superplasticizer at equal performance
3. High water reduction
4. To enable a much better flowability of the mixture
5. To improve the strength and durability of the concrete drastically
6. To save cement at equal strength and durability
7. Eco-friendly (no formaldehyde or benzene)
8. Resulting in low concrete shrinkage ratio to make sure better construction quality
(compared with polycarboxylate superplasticizers)
Naphthalene superplasticizer 1. Big slump loss
2. Hard to avoid segregation when dosage is slightly higher
3. Certain pollution to the environment as formaldehyde or benzene content
Melamine superplasticizer 1. Air entraining performance is bad
2. Using cost is comparatively high
3. No highlight in its features
Lignosulfonate superplasticizer 1. Low water reduction
2. The performance is common
3. It’s from 1930s, and is coming to be eliminated products. Still used today only for being eco-friendly and people’s habit
4. Using cost is comparatively high

Post time: May-06-2021